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NALLIK is a jewelry brand containing mainly of raw semi precious stones which was founded first in New York and then in 2011 was moved to Berlin. New York was great to develop the brand, logo, brand name, overall design. I made a lot of connections that I still work with. The first big order was 2000 pieces for Anthropologie, which was huge for a small brand.

In Berlin It was opened first store in Mitte in 2013 which was followed by a temporary second store in BIKINI BERLIN in the west in 2014. The store in Mitte also is the workshop, and they make a lot to order lately i.e. stones that people have had forever as a talisman or memory of someone and want to have set in the typical NALLIK design.

They do have the organic line which consists of stones that are a bit easier to get and a limited edition of pieces, sometimes only one from a collector or so. Also they are currently working on a fine jewelry line which will have gold and silver instead of brass, and raw stones.

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