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STUDIO BYCOLOR designer: Kaori Akiyama

We found out new face who is based on Japan. Her project which dedicated to find the meaning and effects that colours have on people.  Also they distinguish ourselves by using a wide arrange of colours in designing not only goods but also effective spaces and mediums for communication.

– After graduating how did you start working ?
After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Design of Chiba University, I started working as a designer for about 10 years at an office furniture manufacturer.
I wanted to create various designs as well as a design of furniture, and so I established a design office.  I chose this working style looking forward to meeting interesting people who have a wider range of technical knowledge.

– What were the first steps you took in the world of design?
I like making things and painting since I was a little kid, and I’ve been thinking for a long time to do work that helps someone by my design. When I was in a high school, I came to know that there was a genre of work called “commercial design”.
The first step I took to be a designer was to go up to the university where you could study the commercial design.

– Where do you find your inspiration?
I always try to make products focusing on a design concept that goes with nature. Plus, I like giving shapes to what the nature teaches me.

– What do you do to keep yourself in shape/ your style/ your idea?
I do not particularly care about keeping my style, but I do consider whether or not I should buy this product, or whether or not this is a product I want to give to my friends and family as a present.

– What does fashion/make design mean to you?
For me, design is what gives a purpose to my life and is to enjoy life.

– Which one is your favorite piece from this (your product)/ upcoming Collection and why?
It is a new product,FK:WW (For Kurashi: With Wood). This is an architectural hardware that was just presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan the other day.

– If you could live in another time and in another place, where and when would it be?
In the last decade, I go to live in Milan in April every year. Milan is a favorite city because very exciting events are held for those involved in the design industry.  Milan is also the place where a variety of interesting people gather.
I also stayed in the Netherlands for three months last year, and loved my stay there because I could have a life of a comfortable rhythm. But now,Australia is the most interesting city for me.  This is because there are a lot of people having higher consciousness to live in harmony with nature.

-Do you feel there’s a significant interest for young designers at the moment?
I think what’s important for the young people is to meet pioneers and talk to them, and think about their own ways they think they should go.

– How do you balance creativity with commerce?
It is a difficult question. I try to imagine that I am on a consumer side.  And, I think asking for advices of people your trust is also important. Hopefully, I want to focus on creative work as much as possible.

– Where do you see your career going next?
I do not know.  However, I hope to continue doing creative work which I believe in.

– Which any brand do you want to collaboration if it’s possible?
No brand in particular now.  But I want to collaborate with manufacturers and brands I can share my sense of values with when I have a chance to.

– Could you tell me your friend’s designer?
Sure, it’s Samira Boon. She is a designer based in the Netherlands. Last year, I had a chance to work in her office.  She is a cheerful and sociable person full of vitality. Her way of working, I mean, doing creative work while putting the family in the first place is very ideal.  Now, she is raising two lovely sons with a wonderful husband who is an architect.




STUDIO BYCOLOR  +  kanaguya  :  For Kurashi  With wood

FK:WW is a collaborative project by a contemporary product designer STUDIO BYCOLOR and an artisan of interior & furniture fixtures kanaguya to create products inspired by an experiment on wood surfaces called MW:WW by STUDIO BYCOLOR which communicates the idea that wood is a living material.

FK:WW is a collection of architectural accessories which communicate a theme that ‘wood is a living material’ . This theme was originated from a project called MW:WW where designer experimented with wood by exposing pores in between annual rings to carry out the features of wood as a material.

The outer shaft of the wooden fixtures to be introduced at Ventura Hive is covered by thin metal. This design highlights the warmth of handmade methods which cannot be generated by mass production and further displays the age of wood used for the product. These fixtures will be mounted on the wall during the exhibition to create an illusional tree.Incorporated the design for the fixtures into furniture and created tables. The legs of these tables are crisscrossed wood boards of a deformed radial wood pattern generated from the table top.

The first collection including furniture and interior fixture will be available to the market after its preview in Milano Salone 2014. We are looking forward to showing our collection that inherits the signature of kanaguya that adds its taste as it ages in the theme of MM:WW this year at VENTURA HIVE.

‘So’ for dignified women









Manami Nagata, a Designer of So, is based in Japan. Her collections are produced in Japan.
Her latest is ‘playing in the water’. It’s a collection that’s even more amazing that it sounds.

After graduation how did you start working ?
I through the experience of the designer in the apparel manufacturers, after graduating from school. And I based on the 2013 exhibition, and began its activities in the brand ‘So’ dealing by the customer, all design, pattern, to sewing.

What were the first steps you took in the world of fashion?
My mother was like to make the dress. I was wearing clothes that made my mother in childhood. It was also influenced by the girls’ comics I read as a child. The comic was a story that dream girl that fashion designer.

­Where do you find your inspiration?
I go to the museum, watch a movie, I think the styling that I want to wear in the season on a daily basis.

­What is the next step for your career?
I want to exhibitions in areas where more different. Japan, of course, overseas.

­What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is life itself to me. I’m able to grow by fashion. And those must­have for me.

­What’s the inspiration behind your current / upcoming Collection?
My create is made all the basic themes ” For dignified woman. ” And the current collection, I add the theme of  “playing in the water”,  This collection’s point are sporty items and shining texture .

­Which one is your favorite piece from current / upcoming Collection and why?
My favorite is an all ­in ­one of the big armhole. Because it is a product you put in when you the exhibition for the first time.

What do you do to keep yourself in shape?
I have received a stimulus and meet our many people, and talking.

­What kind of feedback did you get on the collection?
I met a lot of people for the first time the collection. Got a new chance from the people, I am led to the development of the brand.

­How do you balance creativity with commerce?
Taking the balance is difficult. Looking at the market, I suggest something missing. I think ,It is what I and consumer want .

More generally, what are your future plans, after 10years?
I want to have their own stores. Clothes and some bags , my favorite shoes and underwear,The shop can coordinate all.

­Which brand do you want to collaborate with if it is possible?
I want to collaborate with “noi.”