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NALLIK is a jewelry brand containing mainly of raw semi precious stones which was founded first in New York and then in 2011 was moved to Berlin. New York was great to develop the brand, logo, brand name, overall design. I made a lot of connections that I still work with. The first big order was 2000 pieces for Anthropologie, which was huge for a small brand.

In Berlin It was opened first store in Mitte in 2013 which was followed by a temporary second store in BIKINI BERLIN in the west in 2014. The store in Mitte also is the workshop, and they make a lot to order lately i.e. stones that people have had forever as a talisman or memory of someone and want to have set in the typical NALLIK design.

They do have the organic line which consists of stones that are a bit easier to get and a limited edition of pieces, sometimes only one from a collector or so. Also they are currently working on a fine jewelry line which will have gold and silver instead of brass, and raw stones.

여백 작은거






 Collaborations with

Masion Martin Margiela

Damir Doma

Bernhard Willhelm




Stainless steel and  Acetate style




Acetate frames and Ultra-light frames made of stainless steel style



Mylon corrective glasses




It is an undoubted fact that MYKITA is one of fashion lover’s must-have items . YES, it was true. When we visited Berlin, where this brand based in, we could not wait to see their products and concept shops. Especially, I was so wondering how to design and make them by hand . This is from the curiosity.

MAKITA is a constant search for innovation, the visionary use of materials and a wealth of experience in eyewear design are the defining elements behind MYKITA’s collections. A key factor in the company’s success is its holistic business philosophy, which brings together expertise from all disciplines under a single roof, the MYKITA HAUS. It thrives on the power of a self-contained network that enables interdisciplinary research and the transfer of technologies. This all-encompassing mentality is also reflected in the MYKITA Shops; the unique retail concept unites the firm’s own design principles with optical precision made in Germany. 
MYKITA’s eyewear collections are available at the firm’s own shops in Berlin, Paris, New York, Monterrey, Cartagena, Zurich, Vienna and Tokyo as well as at selected opticians and fashion outlets in over 70 countries.

On Trust

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On Trust is a Berlin based fashion label founded by designer Svenja Gilg. She is a graduate of the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin. Every part of the creative process is designed to develop a new generation of jackets expressing a deeper connection between the emotional and the functional aspects of fashion.

Elements of traditional handcraft and technique are completing the label’s expressive colouring and material combinations. On Trust’s smart and comfortable style is the result of combining unique structures with premium-quality workmanship. The interplay of finest, natural materials and innovative, ecological high-tech fabrics ensures superior quality and longevity.
 A joyful game with those diverging properties is what makes the look balanced and strong.

Transparency is an important aspect of the label’s work. The customer will know where the label’s garments are produced and how the production takes place. Having the garments produced in a safe environment, where employees are satisfied and treated fairly is paramount to the strategy of valuing every part of the development and production process.


FIER vitrine S/S 15′


FIER vitrine  Designer Exhibition Party

FIER vitrine takes place twice a year during Berlin Fashion Week. It provides selected emerging designers with a window to be scouted and noticed.
Designers that have already worked with us inlude: Tom Van der Borght, Tata Christiane, Franziska Michael, Fabric Division, Sasha Kanevski, Laend Phuengkit, Grosser Heinrich, El Colmillo de Morsa, Moga e Mago, Keta Gutmane, I’ VR ISABEL VOLLRATH, Black Baloon, and Iris Schieferstein.

The range of designers is an international handpicked selection from Europe, Australia, North and South America.

The designers exhibiting at FIER vitrine currently include 40 DECIBELS (Canada), Alexandra Hackett (Australia), Karin Brettmeister (Germany), Laura Banfield (Australia), Laura Galati (Australia), Maja-daphne-holzborn (Germany), Ocksa (Brazil), Ruins of Modernity (Austria), Seb Brown (Australia), Senhor Prudencio (Portugal), Vasso Consola (Greece).


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