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Brand : Adriatic Jewelry

Designer : Rebecca

Base : Brooklyn

About :  Adriatic Jewelry is a handmade jewelry line that uses a range of different metals , gemstones and techniques. I try to have a nice mix of both geometric and organic pieces. I am very inspired by my surroundings, the architecture as well as the natural environment. I also like to have a variety of statement jewelry as well as simple stackable rings, bracelets and necklaces. I spend a lot of time sketching as well as experimenting on the bench. It’s very satisfying to take something from concept, sketch to finished piece. I also love the spontaneity of sitting down on the bench and coming up with someone unexpected on the spot. My next step is fine jewelry, which I’m very excited about working on. I plan on incorporating very unique gemstones and hopefully hand-cutting some stones myself.

Designer say : I am currently working on my fine jewelry line that I’m hoping to launch by September. Select pieces are already for sale on my website and there are many sneak peaks on my instagram account username ‘rebbecck’.