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&other stories’s Co-Lab by A-S Dåvik








&other stories has got a huge love by fashionable woman. When I visited this shop first time as soon as they had launched in London. This brand and all concept including their interior and even tag style was that I exactly had looked for. Now, after almost 2 years, I visited here again. They welcomed me with this gorgeous collaboration.

Featuring grand silhouettes and organic shapes, designer A-S Dåvik has created a co-lab collection of ever-lasting classics, inspired by the enigmatic Greta Garbo. Waist- emphasizing blazers and elegantly cut wide-leg trousers makes the new, feminine suit. Versatile key pieces with a great attention to details all carry that distinct visual expression typical for A-S Dåvik. The look is completed with luxe accessories, mannish shoes and multi-functional leather bags.


Screen shot 2014-07-08 at 22.18.01


Need a unique and stylish one? Visiting MOXHAM is always with surprises. All about them – all products, lookbook, styling, marketing, and even webpage including instagram – is best. I have never seen like this brand. Perfect one !

MOXHAM, a venture by London-based Madeleine Moxham, offers oversized statement pieces that create the focal point for a contemporary look. The current collection ranges from the every day to the outlandish including constructed cuffs, collars & crowns in their trademark quality leather and metal hardware. Madeleine was recently named as one of Harvey Nichols’ top ten Inspirational Women and described as ‘a rising star and one to watch for seasons to come.’



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(All  images from @MOXHAM)