On Trust

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On Trust is a Berlin based fashion label founded by designer Svenja Gilg. She is a graduate of the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin. Every part of the creative process is designed to develop a new generation of jackets expressing a deeper connection between the emotional and the functional aspects of fashion.

Elements of traditional handcraft and technique are completing the label’s expressive colouring and material combinations. On Trust’s smart and comfortable style is the result of combining unique structures with premium-quality workmanship. The interplay of finest, natural materials and innovative, ecological high-tech fabrics ensures superior quality and longevity.
 A joyful game with those diverging properties is what makes the look balanced and strong.

Transparency is an important aspect of the label’s work. The customer will know where the label’s garments are produced and how the production takes place. Having the garments produced in a safe environment, where employees are satisfied and treated fairly is paramount to the strategy of valuing every part of the development and production process.


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