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MKH  – Maria Kristiana Helana, who is based in Bergen,  a beautiful city surrounded with 7 mountains. Here she is doing master degree in fine art at Bergen Academy of the Arts & Design.
All started when she did an art project where she worked with a found table that only had 3 legs and the 4th was missing. She decided to replace the missing one with a prosthesis which then led her to create tableware series Hansel & Gretel. It´s started with cups where she played around with parts from dolls casted in porcelain. They are combined with pinewood that she collected in the mountains which now work as a little plate for the porcelain cups. The combination of wood and porcelain is an interesting mix of hard and soft material. She continued her series with porcelain plates, and eggcups that has a two way function for drinking coffee or tea and eating an egg. It comes as a breakfast set. At the moment she is developing salt & pepper to expand the series.

She has left a comment at the end : “When I create my work I like to leave a sense of that they are hand crafted, which means that none of them look exactly the same. I also want to create a type of feeling when you see my work. I want it to appeal to various of people; men, women and children.”

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