–  Could you tell us about yourself and your brand ‘http://hvrminn.com/’ ?

HVRMINN&CO. is representative of my brands, HVRMINN, EPONYMOVS and VIETTO NYC. I started the company with intentions to carry out a made-to-measure suiting business, but we’ve expanded

– How did you guys get into the world of design?- After graduating how did you start working?

I bought my first custom tailored suit when I was 18. It was made by a master tailor from Japan, since then, I’ve always had an interest in tailored clothing and design. As soon as I graduated, I started a made-to-measure business at my small studio in Chelsea with my tailor. As I moved to a bigger space later on, I established a partnership with Martin Greenfield Clothiers in Brooklyn. I soon realized though that it wouldn’t be enough to satiate my creative capacity, so I decided to launch EPONYMOVS, a ready-to-wear label, which has fewer parameters to work within; I’m able to design jewelry, bags, shoes, sportswear, and even suits. 

– Where do you find your inspiration?  or   What’s the inspiration behind your this / upcoming Collection?

This question is always the most difficult. I don’t ever have a single source of inspiration that drives the aesthetic direction of the brand, or a collection. For me it’s more about utilizing a collection of experiences and an accumulation of diverse references.  

– What does fashion/make design mean to you?

Fundamentally, as a creative human being, the primary purpose of my designs is living a productive life. It doesn’t have to be fashion design as long as it satiates my desire to create beautiful aesthetics and impeccable crafts Design is about crystalizing individuality and providing pleasure to myself and to my customers. That is to say, fashion prompts satisfaction to me by means of creative (productive) activities, and it provides my customers with a satiable persona to my psychology apparatus.

 – How do you balance creativity with commerce?

The answer to this question depends on how you define good design. To me, good design ought to be appreciated by the general public, even when there is no marketing agenda behind it. In other words, good design axiomatically covers commerciality. I don’t design hoping to make commercial pieces; I design pieces I hope people will purchase because they appreciate it.

– Main Website: www.hvrminn.com
We’re launching e-commerce and opening our first boutique in New York this April.




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