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The World Is Your Oyster

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Brand : The World Is Your Oyster , AW14 “We used to be us”

Designer : Calvin Chan & Joyce Kun

Description :   The World Is Your Oyster is a newly established Hong Kong-based menswear label founded by two designers. It aims to provide the essential style and quality for the gentlemen of the new generation. Our vision of menswear embraces the characteristic of formal tailoring with a touch of the street wear elements from the youngsters’ influence. Our collections often feature clean silhouette and surprising choice of material to give just the right amount of drama.  We both think that each of the design has its own story to tell. Our distinct aesthetic is achieved by playing great attention to small details in all of the designs, creating a twist in an unexpected and modern way. We do not like to play loud in our designs. We believe guys who wear The World Is Your Oyster will be a subtle modern gentleman that seek for quality. The AW14 collection is now available in JOYCE boutique’s “JOYCE | CARES” shop in PMQ in Central of Hong Kong as a pop-up for 3 months. (“JOYCE | CARES” is a platform that aims at nurturing upcoming artists and designers)

Designers say: The world is our oyster.


Adriatic jewelry









Brand : Adriatic Jewelry

Designer : Rebecca

Base : Brooklyn

About :  Adriatic Jewelry is a handmade jewelry line that uses a range of different metals , gemstones and techniques. I try to have a nice mix of both geometric and organic pieces. I am very inspired by my surroundings, the architecture as well as the natural environment. I also like to have a variety of statement jewelry as well as simple stackable rings, bracelets and necklaces. I spend a lot of time sketching as well as experimenting on the bench. It’s very satisfying to take something from concept, sketch to finished piece. I also love the spontaneity of sitting down on the bench and coming up with someone unexpected on the spot. My next step is fine jewelry, which I’m very excited about working on. I plan on incorporating very unique gemstones and hopefully hand-cutting some stones myself.

Designer say : I am currently working on my fine jewelry line that I’m hoping to launch by September. Select pieces are already for sale on my website and there are many sneak peaks on my instagram account username ‘rebbecck’.


Onyx By Onyx Taylor

First of all, could you tell us about yourself and your brand ‘Onyx By Onyx Taylor’ ? 
My name is Onyx Taylor, and I am the creative director and designer for the brand Onyx By Onyx Taylor, based in Philadelphia. Onyx By Onyx Taylor is a fun brand, all of our designs are super fun and chic and designed for today’s young sassy fashion lover. The goal is to be super relatable, so I spend a lot of my time researching what’s missing or lacking in stores and try to deliver that via Onyx By Onyx Taylor. I generally design what I would either love to see someone wearing or what I, myself would love to wear.
What were the first steps you took in the world of fashion?
One of the major steps I took, actually started off by accident. I stared making these really cool bow ties for myself, and people would see them and fall in love. So eventually I started selling them to create a buzz around the city, and it worked. A few months later, my friend at the time was asked to perform in Canada on New Years Eve with Gospel signer, Tye Tribbett, and she wanted me to make her a dress. It was a simple white, floor length dress with a plunging neck line and a high slit. It was super cute. And it was the very first dress I’ve ever made. Pictures surfaced online, and the orders started rolling in. Fast forward two years and here I am today, fresh off the debut of my very first collection.
What is your concept of brand?  What is your important thing when you design?
Onyx By Onyx Taylor is a urban lifestyle brand. I dedicate a lot of my design concepts to delivering something new and fresh to the modern day fashion savvy trendsetters. The most important thing for me is, trying to create things that no one is really doing at the moment, not only here in the Philadelphia market but nationally as well. The brand is filled with key pieces that are comfortable and interchangeable, created to mix and match and imprint into personal style. I’m a big fan of taking something brand new and mixing it with that favorite piece you have in your closet. And that’s eventually what I want the brand represent, that go to place for finding that extra spice for your wardrobe.
I’m really curious your next step!! What is the next step/plan for ‘Onyx By Onyx Taylor’ ?
I just recently shown my first collection this pass April and the response thus far has been mind blowing. So the goal is to keep this momentum going, so we’ve started planning our F/W 2015 show. I’m also planning a two day pop up shop here in Philly, as well as show during Philadelphia Fashion Week this winter. The goal this year, is to make as much noise in the city, before I make my move on the rest of the world.
What’s the inspiration behind your current / upcoming Collection?
The inspiration behind my current collection “The New Urban” was definitely New York. New York has always been one of my favorite places in the world to visit, especially in the winter. But it was this one particular weekend I visited with my friends for my birthday that did it for me. It was snowing the entire weekend and I swear, it was simply beautiful. It was something about the way the snow covered the city that kicked my creative juices into overdrive. Not to mention, New York is fashions playground, so you can imagine the plethora of styles surrounding us. No one was really dressed weather appropriate nor were they following a trend. They were using fashion the way it is intended, to express ones creativity. And that inspired me to create a collection that would express my take on fashion. I named the collection “The New Urban” and it’s basically my take on urban fashion today. I’ve put a modern/futuristic twist on certain styles that we’ve all grown accustom to seeing. And that’s really what fashion is to me, taking something that has been recreated over and over again and putting a personal twist on it. I personally think it’s a really dope mini collection.
When you are doing your show, what is the most careful thing and the most exciting at the moment for you?
Everything leading up to my recent show was carefully thought out and planned. I’m a control freak, so everything had to be executed the way I envisioned it. Especially the clothes. I wanted the collection to tell a story, so each garment had to tell a piece of that story. I made everything by hand, so I made sure everything was carefully executed. I definitely crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s. The most exciting moment for me, was the moment the models lined up before walking. Seeing your complete vision all together before it is presented to the world, was the most exhilarating and exciting things ever. I kind of want to relive that moment over and over again.
Where/how do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in everyday life, music especially. I’m kind of weird because, I could hear a song and almost immediately associate that song with a color. It’s so weird! But right now the one thing that inspires me the most, has to be, Andy Warhol. I love Andy Warhol and everything that he has done to art world. His career in many ways embodies the Onyx By Onyx Taylor brand. I love the way that he would take a very public image or object, flip it and add his own personal twist to it. Immediately transforming it into something completely new and giving it a brand, meaning a brand new definition. He was simply a genius. It’s because of Warhol, I’m really big on bold colors right now, and it looks like that’s the direction we’ll be going in for my F/W 2015 collection.
When you have free time, what are you doing?
It’s funny because, somehow my free time is always spent on my sewing machine. There’s always something that I could be finishing or perfecting. My mother would always tell me, when you’re doing what you love everyday, you’ll never work a day in your life. So true!
As you know, 12:30 magazine is focused on discovering new faces, especially designers and artists. Do you feel there is significant interest for young designers, especially unknown globally yet, at this moment in time?
I definitely feel like there’s always a need for new, unseen talent in the fashion industry. I think one of the many things that is so dope about independent designers is that, we bring a certain freshness to the scene. And I think a lot of the big name brands have definitely caught on to the wave, Balmain being the first. Olivier Rousteingt is one of the youngest creative directors on the scene right now. And when that happened, it was really a huge moment, because no one at the time had ever even heard of Olivier and now here he is, the creative director of such a historic brand. He has really taken Balmain to a new level and even “youth” the brand up a little. And that needs to happen a lot more often. I follow a lot of independent designers on Instagram and from there you can kind of see where a lot of the mainstream brands gain inspiration. I’ve seen a lot of never before seen designs go from Instagram to the big runway. And I think that’s dope, it’s just time these undiscovered designers are shown. I feel like the unknown designers are really the back bone of the industry, because in many ways, we forecast the trends of tomorrow. So we definitely need to be heard and seen a lot more, Because, we got some trick up our sleeves.
Finally, please tell me anything you want?
I just want to be heard and I want my clothing to be seen. I think I express myself in such a unique way as far as styling and design, that it’s reads one hundred percent me. And it’s funny because, I’m self taught. So everything you see is completely me, fashion is what I am really meant to do. So, the only thing I really want, is to be heard. I’m ready to make my mark on the fashion industry in a big way. I feel like, if I can reach five people, that five will then turn into five hundred and the numbers will just keep growing, And plus I’m ready.
More on Onyx By Onyx Taylor‘s facebook
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Raffaela Graspointner : Antwerp MA Fashion 2014

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Antwerp’s Royal Academy of MA Fashion show took place in last month. Everyone continues to look forward the brightest young talents such as ‘Dries Van Noten’ and ‘Martin Margiela’.

Holi Blush Bubble Crush’, RAFFAELA GRASPOINTNER’s kaleidoscopic graduate collection, was absolutely enough to catch all eyes. With offbeat colour expression, glitter-printed motifs,  femininity, and unique shape. It is just the beginning of her’s huge stride forward.

MA-collection Raffaela Graspointner copy 2

MA-collection Raffaela Graspointner copy 8

MA-collection Raffaela Graspointner copy 5

MA-collection Raffaela Graspointner copy 4

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MA-collection Raffaela Graspointner copy 9



‘So’ for dignified women









Manami Nagata, a Designer of So, is based in Japan. Her collections are produced in Japan.
Her latest is ‘playing in the water’. It’s a collection that’s even more amazing that it sounds.

After graduation how did you start working ?
I through the experience of the designer in the apparel manufacturers, after graduating from school. And I based on the 2013 exhibition, and began its activities in the brand ‘So’ dealing by the customer, all design, pattern, to sewing.

What were the first steps you took in the world of fashion?
My mother was like to make the dress. I was wearing clothes that made my mother in childhood. It was also influenced by the girls’ comics I read as a child. The comic was a story that dream girl that fashion designer.

­Where do you find your inspiration?
I go to the museum, watch a movie, I think the styling that I want to wear in the season on a daily basis.

­What is the next step for your career?
I want to exhibitions in areas where more different. Japan, of course, overseas.

­What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is life itself to me. I’m able to grow by fashion. And those must­have for me.

­What’s the inspiration behind your current / upcoming Collection?
My create is made all the basic themes ” For dignified woman. ” And the current collection, I add the theme of  “playing in the water”,  This collection’s point are sporty items and shining texture .

­Which one is your favorite piece from current / upcoming Collection and why?
My favorite is an all ­in ­one of the big armhole. Because it is a product you put in when you the exhibition for the first time.

What do you do to keep yourself in shape?
I have received a stimulus and meet our many people, and talking.

­What kind of feedback did you get on the collection?
I met a lot of people for the first time the collection. Got a new chance from the people, I am led to the development of the brand.

­How do you balance creativity with commerce?
Taking the balance is difficult. Looking at the market, I suggest something missing. I think ,It is what I and consumer want .

More generally, what are your future plans, after 10years?
I want to have their own stores. Clothes and some bags , my favorite shoes and underwear,The shop can coordinate all.

­Which brand do you want to collaborate with if it is possible?
I want to collaborate with “noi.”


Justin Chew







Justin Chew

Drawing inspiration from the 90’s hip hop culture and the American football scene, Justin Chew’s F/W 2014 collection “The Evolvement” is based on the concept of reconstructing the 90’s hop hop fashion items. With this inspiration, Justin Chew has also collaborated with Edmund Yew (NESTWO), a local graffiti artist to bring graffiti into the printed garments.
Justin chew is a Malaysian Designer who began his career in fashion during the first year of attending Raffles College of Higher Education, Kuala Lumpur. In 2010, he showcased his first collection at MIFA 2010. A collection heavily inspired by the concept of bondage and boundaries. 2011 he emerged as a finalist in “MIFA 2011 Kronenbourg Who’s Next” with an expansion of his graduation collection, based upon the concept of human body.  Upon gaining further experience, 2013 Justin Chew Basic Label has been launched along with his new start up store, THISAPPEAR. Justin Chew first ready-to-wear collection Fall/Winter 2014 under his main label has be launched at the recent Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014.





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First of all, could you tell us about yourself and your brand ?
If I were to describe myself, I’ll call myself a silent designer.Silent is my personality. I refrain from explaining who I am and what I am doing as silence is more eloquent than words. My view and thoughts are mainly conveyed through my designs and drawings in my brand.

Lots of students who want to be a designer often worry about how to begin their first steps in the fashion field. What were the first steps you took in the world of fashion?
The first step was definitely identifying which direction I am heading towards and what I would envision for my brand.

What has been happening in your career? in Malaysia or internationally ?
Currently I’ve only started my career in Malaysia. My main line Justin Chew along with my basic line which are both stock in “Thisappear” a shop I founded with another designer.

I saw your this fashion week collection , it was absolutely brilliant !  How was it for yourself? satisried or not??
Yes definitely. I am really satisfied with this collection. This debut collection was what I have always been preparing for. Being able to finally debut my own label and showing who I really am along with the direction I am heading for after all the hard work placed into it. It is also really exciting for me to have finally begin what I’ve always wanted and I am so looking forward to the future.

Actually, most of all fashion lovers do not know about klfw  .. what do you think of it ?
I think it’s a really good platform for young designers to showcase their collection to an audience. It allows and open up new opportunity for any new designers who are interested in releasing their own collection to showcase in a proper environment similiar to other international fashion week. The experience I obtained from preparation, backstage to the actual runway is really valuable.

What’s the inspiration behind your current / upcoming Collection?
My current collection “The Evolvement” was based on reconstructing the 90s hip hop items. A mixture of sporty clean cut to printed graffiti. For my upcoming collection, I will still follow up with clean cuts along with prints. However I would to incorporate more sports wear element into it.

Where do you find your inspiration?
A lot of my inspirations are from the music I listen to. However, I also get inspirations from photos I come across and those that I capture with my phone throughout my daily life.

Where do you see your career going next ?
I would hope stabilized my brand and then expand into other countries and to participate in trade shows.

One thing I love about fashion is that there is still a capacity for amazing surprises! Do you feel the same way about what you do?
Definitely. In fashion, it’s all about expressing yourself. A similiar concept used by two different person will always result in different outcomes. It’s all about who we are and incorporating it into fashion. Everybody is different in their own ways, which makes fashion filled with surprises.

As you know, 12:30 magazine is focused on discovering new faces, especially designers and artists.Do you feel there is significant interest for young designers, especially unknown globally yet, at this moment in time?
Yes, as being discovered would give young designers who are yet to be known globally a chance for them to be exposed to a wider market and for their work to be recognised globally.

Could you tell me about your designer friends and do you have any designers to recommend?
I would say that the fashion scene in Malaysia is growing rapidly with many new emerging designer. One designer friend that I would highly recommend is Joe Chia, the partner of my fashion store “Thisappear” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.





Catalogo necora web



Catalogo necora web copy 2




Nécora was established in 2012 in Mexico city, Mexico. We are a jewelry company and our mission is to create a mixture of high complexity shapes and tolerances that are not able to be produced any other way, and traditional jewelry craftsmanship in each of the pieces we design. This mixture let us create elaborate and complex designs using state of the art 3D printers and hand finished pieces using traditional methods.
We take the 3D printing capacities to its limit but always leaving the final details to the craft master.

Our goal is to introduce new shapes to the jewelry world, introduce the people to the new technologies and how these can work together with traditional craft techniques to create, modern and beautiful pieces.


Designer : Eduardo Díaz Tostado


Facebook :






Environmental Jewelry



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We came across a ring picture from friend’s instagram ,who is a editor of NYLON Indonesia – @Anindyadevy , after our Seoul street fashion feature had been published on there. I couldn’t hestitate to contact to EJ ( environmental jewelry) . That’s impossible.