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Sofar sounds : U.K

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Sofar Sounds London and Bristol

At Twenty something London,

Sofar Sounds is a movement of secret gigs, taking place in over 40 cities at a gig a day somewhere around the world – putting the magic back into live music.

First started in 2011 as a reaction to the disappointing London gig circuit, Sofar has since played host to over 2,000 emerging artists playing intimate, stripped back sets to quiet and respectful invite only audiences in living rooms the world over. Thousands of people apply to attend a Sofar show every month. In answer to this, Sofar is now rolling out a program of all-day events in 12+ of our most popular cities, ‘Sofar+ Festivals’. All in amazing derelict urban spaces, converted into huge living rooms. This comes hand in hand with forthcomings tours, compilation releases and much much more. Sofar is, in short, a global community of fans, artists and music professionals – fast on the way to becoming a global brand.

 ( quoted Sofar )

Hope to Join them again .

Try to grab yourself music and drinks, heartfelt conversation and lots of hugs.