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Studio Lorier

–  First of all, could you tell us about yourself/ your brand ?

when i was young i was always curious and trying to invent new stuff. when becoming older i studied industrial design and did a course in ceramics. there i fell in love with the material and got some ideas.

after graduating i wanted to get the ideas into reality and started my own design studio. i mainly try to focus on fresh and new products, which can be used daily.

–  What were the first steps you took in the world of fashion/design?

starting to sell online i think. i also attend at exhibitions now, this year i had my own stand at the dutch design week in eindhoven.

-­  Where do you find your inspiration?

inspiration gets to me while doing normal tasks. if i cycle to work i might get a new idea or concept. it suddenly pops out. normally i also keep up to date by reading desing news and visit related shops.

– ­ What does fashion/design mean to you?

design means to me the freedom to create something.

-­ What’s the inspiration behind your current / upcoming Collection?

some inspiration get from nature and some from the big industry. both a beautiful contrast.

– Which one is your favorite piece from current / upcoming Collection and why?

the branch out, a modular piece of furniture, which you can change according to your needs. inspired by a branch, which can grow in any direction.

–  One thing I love about fashion/design is that there is still capacity for amazing surprises.

Do you feel the  same way about what you do? There is already a lot out there, but still room for special products. i try to be innovative an have new ideas which i never have seen before.

– Do you feel there is significant interest for young and new designers at the moment?

lots of people are interested in new craftmen, so if you master them on a young age, that might be interesting.

– How do you balance creativity with commerce?

a well designed product is beauty, functionality and price, balanced. i try to make a piece as easy to make and simple as possible, but still keep the quality and function high. the price

– Which brand do you want to collaborate with if it is possible?

Hem, such a great new brand, which is online based.

– Lots of students often worry about how to begin their first steps in the fashion/design field. What were the first steps you took in the world of fashion/design?

just rent a studio and begin! do not hesitate and make the ideas reality

– What has been happening in your career? and what is the next step for your career?

next is to expand the shops where products are sold. also want to do collaborations with other designers for some new ideas.

– Finally, please tell me anything you want.

any shop in Tokyo who want to collaborate?

Studio Lorier





Street style : London


Elinor, student
coat, hat: vintage
skirt: forever21
boots: Dr.martin


coat: vintage
hat, scarf: H&M
shoes: primark


Ariaone Koshoni, student
coat, jeans: Topshop
top: urban outfitters
shoes: nike
bag: celine


Risemia jemide, student
jacket: urban outfitters
jeans: zara
top: asos
shoes: nike


Joanna, stylist
all: kiz
shoes: Dr.martin


all: COS
shoes: underground

Alexander Wang For H&M Collection

IMG_6952 copy

IMG_6945 copy


IMG_6951 copy

IMG_6955 copy

IMG_6954 copy

From 10:00 a.m. today, this amazing collaboration is available to shop online! You can stock up on all of Alexander Wang For H&M‘s WANG-emblazoned sweatshirts and dresses, mesh-paneled leggings, bags and etc. The line’s full range of clothes and accessories are finally here. It is absolutely cool, sporty, and especially never-before-seen designs as much as we imagine.

I was there late a little, but all shop, Regent and Oxford street in Central London, was full of customers who had been looking for ages. Oh Well, let your body do the shopping.

&other stories’s Co-Lab by A-S Dåvik








&other stories has got a huge love by fashionable woman. When I visited this shop first time as soon as they had launched in London. This brand and all concept including their interior and even tag style was that I exactly had looked for. Now, after almost 2 years, I visited here again. They welcomed me with this gorgeous collaboration.

Featuring grand silhouettes and organic shapes, designer A-S Dåvik has created a co-lab collection of ever-lasting classics, inspired by the enigmatic Greta Garbo. Waist- emphasizing blazers and elegantly cut wide-leg trousers makes the new, feminine suit. Versatile key pieces with a great attention to details all carry that distinct visual expression typical for A-S Dåvik. The look is completed with luxe accessories, mannish shoes and multi-functional leather bags.

Tokyo sunday




Tokyo Sunday


Tokyo Sunday

Already little cold in Tokyo,  but this weekend was great weather. Wanted to hang out and spent Tokyo style on Sunday. Well, Have you heard Daikanyama? There are lots of Shops , Cafe and Restaurants. Looks always NEW and OLD Japanese traditional style. Kawaii culture is always from Harajuku.  It is the center of Japan’s most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles in Tokyo which called “Takeshita” street .  NOT take a shit street !