The 12:30 magazine, was created in 2014 aiming to discover new face designers and artists.  We offer a wide range of fashion and art to create and share their personal style and story. Our team is currently based in Tokyo and Seoul, and is on a plan to expand to Europe/U.S.A  soon. 12:30 magazine will provide in ­depth editorial content visually.


Sumi Yoon, Creative Director .  
Always thinking and dreaming of new ideas which I love doing. Musician, web designer and my own business from the ground up. And now we are excited  and passionate for creating a new fashion style/state of mind.

sumiyoon33@gmail.com @sumiyoon33

Celine Hong, Photographer and Editor.
Loves fashion as much as beer with friends. Studied design and art photography. Street fashion photographer in London and Seoul.

celine890119@gmail.com @celine89119


Hallyson Sayarath, Photographer based in Paris. streetopode

All images have been taken by 12:30 unless stated otherwise. @2014 Twelve thirty magazine ,12:30 – All rights reserved.

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