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&other stories has got a huge love by fashionable woman. When I visited this shop first time as soon as they had launched in London. This brand and all concept including their interior and even tag style was that I exactly had looked for. Now, after almost 2 years, I visited here again. They welcomed me with this gorgeous collaboration.

Featuring grand silhouettes and organic shapes, designer A-S Dåvik has created a co-lab collection of ever-lasting classics, inspired by the enigmatic Greta Garbo. Waist- emphasizing blazers and elegantly cut wide-leg trousers makes the new, feminine suit. Versatile key pieces with a great attention to details all carry that distinct visual expression typical for A-S Dåvik. The look is completed with luxe accessories, mannish shoes and multi-functional leather bags.

Tokyo sunday




Tokyo Sunday


Tokyo Sunday

Already little cold in Tokyo,  but this weekend was great weather. Wanted to hang out and spent Tokyo style on Sunday. Well, Have you heard Daikanyama? There are lots of Shops , Cafe and Restaurants. Looks always NEW and OLD Japanese traditional style. Kawaii culture is always from Harajuku.  It is the center of Japan’s most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles in Tokyo which called “Takeshita” street .  NOT take a shit street !

Philipp von Hase




Norwegian Furniture

This is real 100% Norwegian Furniture, young designer Philipp von Hase.  He introduced and described his brand to us  :

I consider myself a craftsman and furniture designer. i design and manufacture limited editions of furniture. I like to  call my work ‘furnature’ design, often nature informs and inspires my shapes and style directly. When i design furniture it is important to me to add new functions or values to the furnitures. for a example the ‘spire’ table that can be used to implant herbs or flowers, or the ‘trialog’ chair that can be used to sit the other way around or also my ‘samara’ cloth hanger which is a playful magnetic object inspired by the maple trees seed pods, that can be devided and hung up freely. The works I do are hand crafted ‘one-off pieces’ and small series limited editions. they have been shown at international furniture fairs and design festivals or even art museums for example in stockholm, london, berlin and seoul. So far i produce all my designs on request. nevertheless in the near future I am interested in finding a manufacturer that is big enough to cope but also small enough to care. I would like to invite you to have a look at a short film on my web page that will give you an introduction to where and how I work.

Feel free to visit www.philippvonhase.de


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useless is more

what goes around comes around

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